Fat to Fit at 59

My quest to lose 50 pounds in 150 days. (Now that you know about it, I'm committed.)

Day 2—Admit to your weakness November 17, 2009

Confessions from my snack drawer

You’ve heard of closet alcoholics? I’m a drawer snacker. What you see above is typical of the contents of my not-so-secret stash. It’s the first place my kids go when they visit if they’re looking to satisfy their sweet tooths. They know they’ll always find something good—and chocolate—there.

That’s my dilemma for the day: to purge or not to purge. I could throw it all out and feel GREAT. For about an hour. Then I’d feel deprived. And I’d be tempted to hit McDonald’s for a chocolate shake. Probably a large one.

So what to do? I think it comes down to mind self-control. There will always be sweets in the world. What we have to do, as sweetaholics, is to learn to be ok with indulging—moderately. I repeat: MODERATELY.

The contents of my drawer have changed a bit lately. The candy bars are now bite-sized. Cakes and puddings are individually wrapped.  I can now have a sweet that’s not 500 calories a pop. I do still have to limit myself to just one. But when I remind myself of my goal (50 in 150), that’s not as hard as it used to be.

It doesn’t hurt that I now have all your eyes watching me. As Thanksgiving approaches, what I’m thankful for is your influence, and hope I can be the same motivator for you.

Have a great Tuesday. Will today be your Day One?


2 Responses to “Day 2—Admit to your weakness”

  1. Melanie Says:

    You know we are related!! I however, can not have a drawer around full of snacks because they would be gone. So I have made a deal with Greg recently that our ‘bad’ day is on Thursdays. He is in a competition at work and their weigh in day is Thursday, so Thursday dinner is usually the highest in calories and fat and we have dessert that night too.

    The rest of the week is all about looking forward to Thursday’s and being ‘good’ until then 🙂

  2. derice1022 Says:

    Awesome idea! We all have to judge our own weaknesses and strengths, and come up with strategies that work for us. For me it’s portion control and being able to eat everything I want, just in moderation.
    I refuse to use the word “diet” in this blog (in the sense of food intake restriction–not in the sense of what we eat). To me, whatever works for you as an individual is appropriate, and it’s up to each of us to come up with our own “This works for me.”
    You go! And here’s to all the successful days of the week that lead up to Thursday’s reward! 😉

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