Fat to Fit at 59

My quest to lose 50 pounds in 150 days. (Now that you know about it, I'm committed.)

Day 3—To count, or not to count? November 18, 2009

Now that I look at this, it seems pretty heavy on the dressing. Note to self: dressing on the side from now on.

I’m not big on counting calories on a regular basis, but I think it’s a good idea to do it for a few days occasionally just to be sure we have a good idea of what we’re eating. Take the dinner above: a huge salad (greens, carrots, cucumber, mushrooms & ranch dressing), a glass of skim milk and a pork chop. I looked at it and thought, protein and veggies—cool, I’m good!

But when I tallied it up, I found that the “healthy” dinner contained 827 calories—more than half my day’s allotment. Evidence that it’s easy to under- (or over-) estimate your intake.

I’ve found Sparkpeople.com to be a treasure trove of health tools. You can enter your weight, your desired weight and your target date, and it’ll tell you how many calories you need per day to reach that goal. Plus it has a huge database of foods and their nutritional values and calorie counts, and will run a daily (or more often if you want) nutrition feedback report that charts where you sit on fat, carbs, protein and calories for the day.

It also has TONS of motivational and informational health and fitness articles, and if you have way too much time to spare <grin>, you can track points for everything you do from reading articles to getting preventive care and drinking water. (Hey, take that motivation wherever you can find it!)

Check it out. And if you have favorite resources to share, feel free to comment!

’Til tomorrow, keep confident and resolute! (Will today be your Day One?)


3 Responses to “Day 3—To count, or not to count?”

  1. Tina Says:

    I am excited to follow your quest! I have a few pounds to lose too so I will see if you can motivate me!

  2. derice1022 Says:

    Awesome! I hope you’ll feel free to offer feedback and suggestions (and progress!) 😉

  3. Lauren Says:

    I like calorieking.com to track nutritional info, but I’m definitely going to check out sparkpeople.com now.

    I don’t enjoy tracking calories each day but it helps me continuously think about what I’m eating. I track it all in a little 5×3 in. memo book so it fits in my purse/bag. In addition to calories, I track Fat, Sat Fat, and Fiber. Each morning I weigh myself and note that too. If I exercise, I also note how many calories I burned (using my heart monitor) in my workout. It’s nice to see the weight drop when I watched my caloric intake and exercised, but not so nice to see it stay the same or increase when I don’t…a good motivator for me.

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