Fat to Fit at 59

My quest to lose 50 pounds in 150 days. (Now that you know about it, I'm committed.)

Day 23—Fill ’er up (really??) December 8, 2009

Jeffrey, can Grandma use your Thomas plate? Pretty please??

One portion-control strategy I think is great: Use a smaller plate.

It’s easy to keep meals under control when your plate is half the size of a standard dinner plate. You’ll trick your mind into thinking, “I’ve cleaned my plate—I’m done!” (No fair going back for a second load!) Bonus: If you were conditioned from birth to never leave food on your plate, you can now finish your food at half the calorie count and zero guilt!

So break out the salad plate. And fill ‘er up.


2 Responses to “Day 23—Fill ’er up (really??)”

  1. Lauren Says:

    I really should have gotten a smaller plate last night, but I figured it was all veggies so it’s not so bad, right…? I guess we’ll see at tomorrow’s weigh-in.

    BTW – Mike’s birthday (Fri & Sat) was NO help to me this week! I ended up eating 4 of the 6 pieces of cake over the weekend! 😦 x 3!! On my birthday, we’re going out for cake so there’s none sitting at home the whole weekend – who wants a good cake go to waste from drying out all weekend anyway?

  2. derice1022 Says:

    GREAT idea for a future post! 😉

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