Fat to Fit at 59

My quest to lose 50 pounds in 150 days. (Now that you know about it, I'm committed.)

Day 33—Holiday Treat Temptations December 18, 2009

Is there such a thing as weight-friendly holiday treats?

I believe there is such a thing, to a degree. Take these peppermint meringues. Pretty much egg whites mixed with sugar, with crushed candy canes sprinkled on top. Granted, they’re not sugar-free (although I wonder about making them with Splenda or something similar??).

Here’s the recipe and the nutritional breakdown:

Peppermint meringues

Whites of 2 eggs at room temperature

1/8 tsp each of salt, cream of tartar

1/2 c sugar

2 crushed peppermint candy canes (red and/or green)

Heat oven to 225 degrees F. Beat the egg whites, salt and cream of tartar ’til soft peaks form when beaters are lifted. Gradually beat in sugar, beat 5-6 minutes ’til smooth and glossy. Drop teaspoonfuls onto prepared cookie sheet (lined with foil or brown paper), close together. Lightly sprinkle the crushed candy canes over. Bake 1 1/2 hrs. Turn oven off and let cool with oven door ajar. Loosen with metal spatula or peel off gently. Store loosely covered in cool, dry place (tin works great). Makes 3-4 dz.

Nutritional Info: Serving size one meringue.

Calories: 15

Fat: 0

Cholesterol: 0

Sodium: 11.5 mg

Potassium: 4.8 mg

Total carbohydrates: 3.6 g

Dietary fiber: 0

Sugars: 3.3 g

Protein: 0.3 g


One Response to “Day 33—Holiday Treat Temptations”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Ummmm….I think it’s illegal to even attempt making meringues with splenda!! Are you kidding? I’m down with most attempts to make food healthier but some things are better left as is. Sorry dude!

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