Fat to Fit at 59

My quest to lose 50 pounds in 150 days. (Now that you know about it, I'm committed.)

Day 50—Post-Holiday Weigh-In January 4, 2010

One-third of the way to my target date. What's the scale sayin'?

OK, the holidays are over. The tree and decorations are down and put away. Life is back to normal (kinda—still waiting on job news…). And how did I do in the weight-loss quest? Surprisingly, better than I’d anticipated.

Food is my comfort. Food is my intrigue. Food is my part-time occupation. Sometimes, food is my friend. But sometimes, not so much. When there’s food around, I sometimes feel powerless to resist. Case in point: I’ve grazed on the bell-shaped red and green gum drops on my kitchen island for more than a week. That may sound like a lot of restraint on my part, but you don’t know how big the package was.  😉

So today I chucked what was left into the trash. Gum-drop liberation! And that was before the weigh-in.

The average person, they say, gains 6–8 pounds during the holidays. So I figure, if I lost 2.2 pounds since Thanksgiving, it’s like I actually lost 8–10 pounds! (It’s called “dieter’s logic”! Faulty? Perhaps.)

So roll the drums. Here we go—

Weigh-in history:

Date    Weight    BodyFat  BodyH2O

Today     194        29.5%   43.5%

12/15      195.2      27.5     44.0

12/7        196.6     30.5     43.0

12/1        197.6      30        43.0

11/23      196.2      29        43.5

11/16      199.6       31        42.5

This new week of the new year, it’s onward and downward (scale-wise, I mean!) From this point on it should be easier. I’ll let you know if that’s really true.

Until tomorrow, stay confident and resolute!


5 Responses to “Day 50—Post-Holiday Weigh-In”

  1. Juli Thorson Says:

    “Weigh to go,” Diane.

    Anyone who can lose weight thru the holidays, AT ALL, has gumption.

    Also, I wanted to thank you for posting about the body-analysis scale. I didn’t know those existed, but after reading your blog, I went out and got one before Christmas. It has been a motivating tool (there’s just nothing like seeing how much of you is made up of FAT, to keep you out of the cookies!), and I needed one!

  2. Lauren Says:

    Nice Job Mom! Keep it up!!

  3. derice1022 Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, I hope I’m that (encouraging) to you as well! 😉

  4. Kathy Lauretano Says:

    Good job. The holidays were somewhat difficult for me but not as bad as in the past. Felt good to get back on track asap. Be thankful you did not start out at 246lbs like I did. I have 6 lbs to go to hit my first goal of 222, and then I will reset goal to 200. I’ll pray for you and you pray for me.

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