Fat to Fit at 59

My quest to lose 50 pounds in 150 days. (Now that you know about it, I'm committed.)

Day 61—Vitamins Vs. Victuals January 15, 2010

Be your own judge of whether supplements benefit you.

“If I don’t eat all the nutrients I should,” you say to yourself, “this multi-vitamin will pick up the slack.”

Well, it probably will. But if you’re already eating what your body needs—or easily could with a pittance of effort, that money may be better spent on nutritional foods. One reason: In addition to nutrition, foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables also provide fiber that’s essential to our digestive health.

The American Dietetic Association advises that the best thing you can do for your nutrition is to choose and eat a wide variety of healthy foods. That hardly seems like “news.” But sometimes the most obvious is the least considered.

To read the ADA’s entire position paper, visit http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2009/12/09/Dietitians-Most-dont-need-supplements/UPI-51011260384749/

If you know you need the vitamins, by all means take them. But ask yourself: What will bring me more pleasure and health—a hard, tasteless pill? Or a crisp, juicy apple!


Day 57—Potluck? Good Luck January 11, 2010

What tips can you add to the list below?

I attended a monthly potluck yesterday. Naturally, the thought occurred to me, How do I keep on track when there are sooooo many scrumptious offerings to choose from?

Here are 6 strategies for avoiding potluck remorse:

1. Pre-eat. Before you go, eat a small amount so you’re not ravenous as you walk the potluck line.

2. Be the Goody Two Shoes. Take a healthy dish. Vegetables and healthy side dishes are always in short supply at potlucks—but much appreciated by those of us who are watching our weight.

3. Avoid the choose blues. Select the healthy versions: a whole wheat roll instead of white; the brown rice dish instead of the white… You do have options. Exercise them.

4. Exercise portion control. When so many options clamor to be sampled, try taking smaller (start with half a spoonful) samplings. You can always go back for a larger helping of a favorite.

5. Take your time. Savor the conversation and eat your meal slowly so your brain can keep up with your belly and register “FULL” before you’ve consumed everything on your plate.

6. Un-friend the Clean Plate Club. Once and for all, admit to yourself that the starving children will not be saved if you finish everything you’ve taken. But you might be saved if you don’t.

Until tomorrow, stay confident and resolute! We can do this! And if you have tips to add, be sure to comment!  😉


Day 55—Dairy And Berries January 9, 2010

Try this quick and easy smoothie. Photo from sparkpeople.com.

Sometimes ya just gotta have a sweet snack. What better boost for your energy than dairy and berries?

I posted my favorite smoothie recipe on SparkPeople.com—http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=873136 . All you need are berries and milk, and 2 or 3 ice cubes. You can use whatever combination of berries you like or have on hand, and sweeten it if and to whatever degree you like.

Here’s the nutitional breakdown:

With sugar      Without sugar

140                    116          calories

0.7                     0.7          g fat

2.4                     2.4          mg cholesterol

66.3                   66.3       mg sodium

30.3                   24.3       g carbohydrate

5.5                      5.5          g fiber

5.1                      5.1           g protein

I hope you enjoy it!


Day 53—Pile Your Plate January 7, 2010

You'd be amazed how much you can eat ... if you just eat the right things.

Tonight I ate a meatless meal. My plate was full—and it was a big plate. And, I ate a bowl of salad. My total calorie count? 557. That was counting the generous slice of (delicious!) homemade whole wheat bread (Thanks, Shellie!) with butter, and a carton of yogurt with fruit.

That’s about one-third of my daily calorie goal. And that’s about half of my usual dinner’s worth when meat is on the menu.

My challenge seems to be the protein factor. Even with meat in the meal, my protein tally tends to fall short. I guess that means I need to eat more beans, nuts/peanut butter and nonfat or lowfat dairy and eggs.

How do you reach your protein goals? Share, please! 😉


Day 27—Night-time naughtiness December 12, 2009

Is nighttime noshing your nemesis?

I don’t know about you, but I can make it through the day successfully staying within my eating plan. But come nighttime, all I want to do is eat!

Here are some tried-and-true tips for overcoming twilight treat temptation:

1. Eat a HUGE salad for dinner. The time it takes to eat it—and its fiber—will fill you up. If you need a sweet top-off, indulge in something small like a bite-size chocolate.

2. Popcorn—it’s a great filler-upper! (Hey, lay off the butter!)

3. Brush your teeth as soon as you get the urge to splurge on after-dinner tidbits.

4. Find a distraction. Have you always wanted to try knitting? Scrapbooking? Piano? Activity keeps your mind busy—and off of food.

5. When a snack attack occurs, take time out to exercise. You’ll soon forget about food.

6. Eat—but eat healthy and small-scale.

7. Plan ahead: Leave a calorie buffer to use up at night.

Do you have more tips to share? (Again, that’s what that little comment box is for!) Until tomorrow, stay confident and resolute!