Fat to Fit at 59

My quest to lose 50 pounds in 150 days. (Now that you know about it, I'm committed.)

Day 76—Half-Way Weigh-In January 30, 2010

It's drum roll day—again.

I’m amazed that I’ve already reached the half-way mark in my 150-day quest to lose 50 pounds. And it’s evident from the chart below that unless I do something drastic (does The Biggest Loser have an opening??),  I’m not going to be achieving that goal.

And yet, I’ve achieved other goals:

1. To be more aware of my health and fitness, and do more to be better to myself

2. To form a community of sorts to help and support each other

3. To give myself a daily writing fix

4. (I hope) to stir a chuckle or some other pleasant emotion in you

So thanks for reading, thanks for contributing and thanks for helping ME out. I’m not giving up (6.6 pounds is less than I’d hoped for, but it’s still loss)! Start that drum roll…

Weigh-in history:

Date    Weight    BodyFat  BodyH2O

Today       193         29.5      44

1/18/10     193        30.0%   43.0%

1/4/10     194        29.5%   43.5%

12/15      195.2      27.5     44.0

12/7        196.6     30.5     43.0

12/1        197.6      30        43.0

11/23      196.2      29        43.5

11/16      199.6       31        42.5


Day 14—Laughter really IS the best medicine November 29, 2009

Finley McDougall O'Rice: the source of our Friday-night laughter

It’s really true: Laughter IS good for you. According to a University of Maryland School of Medicine study, blood vessels of laughers are healthier than those who don’t laugh as much. (See http://www.umm.edu/features/laughter.htm for details.)

According to researchers, mental stress (eg, lack of laughter) impairs our blood vessel linings. The resulting inflammation leads to fat and cholesterol buildup in our coronary arteries, which can lead to a heart attack.

I say, look for humor at every opportunity. Our source on Friday night was my dog Finley’s pie escapade (see yesterday’s post for details). Other than being concerned about how the equivalent of an entire pie could affect his health and our air quality, how could I be upset with a face like his?

So when you say LOL, mean it! Your heart will thank you!