Fat to Fit at 59

My quest to lose 50 pounds in 150 days. (Now that you know about it, I'm committed.)

Day 78—I think I might write about Procrastination—later February 1, 2010

With all you have to do, where is exercise on your to-do list? (Oh heck, I just realized that I typed in 2009 for the date above. Sorry!)

I don’t know about you, but the tasks on my daily to-do list always outnumber the lines available to record them on my calendar. So it’s easy to look at that long list and think (’cause you’ve recorded tasks as they came to you—not in priority order), OK, what do I want to cross off my list next?

What’s your answer? For me, the answer is usually: What can I get done fastest and with the least effort?

So we all know where that puts a 30-minute (or more) run on the list: wwaaaayyyy down at the bottom!

I propose putting exercise at the top of the list. Whether that means making a “starter list” and transposing that in priority order onto your “real” calendar, or physically numbering your entries in the order you intend to tackle them, or…whatever. Starting today, exercise is my #1 priority each day.

If you have more tips to keep from procrastinating to the point of omission, please share!


Day 52—The Mind-Body Exercise Connection January 6, 2010

New research says we CAN increase our brain power through exercise. Brain neurons image by Benedict Campbell from Wellcome Images, images@wellcome.ac.uk .

I’ve always loved and been fascinated by science. So when friend and reader Stacy sent me this link:


I was hooked. Visit yourself to see what the latest research says about the connection between exercise and your brainpower. I’ll leave you with that for the day—it’s plenty to think about!


Day 47 – Avoiding Avoidance January 1, 2010

It's called, "Anticipate the obstacles and build in methods to triumph."

You may have noticed that exercise hasn’t been the focus of any recent posts. That’s because–yes, I’ll admit it–I have been a total and utter slacker. For the past two weeks I’ve let workouts fall to the bottom of the priorities pile.

So, you guessed it. Today being January 1, it’s time to turn over a new leaf.

The weather being uncooperative for outdoor sessions, and also knowing that I need brain occupation to make the treadmill tolerable, I’ve moved the monster from the spare room into my bedroom, right in front of the TV.

So now I have absolutely NO excuse.

What are your workout obstacles?

‘Til tomorrow…stay confident and resolute! (D’oh, there’s that RESOLUTION root word.)  😉


Day 46-Pledge To Purge December 31, 2009

Ta-da! The new and improved recipe binder

It took a day and a half, but here it is–my newly re-typed family-favorites recipe binder. Not only are all the pages encased in protective plastic, but all the pages contain useful information.

I trashed all the recipes that I snipped from magazines in hope of “someday” putting them to use. From now on, they don’t make it into the binder unless they’re tried and true.

I love de-cluttering! It makes me feel good. The less “stuff” I have to wade through to get to what I need, the more time I have to do the things I want (exercise, work, play, eat, sleep, serve)!

So here’s the pledge for the day:

“I, (insert name), do hereby pledge to make each moment more relevant and useful in pursuing my personal goals. To that end, I will pare down and avoid accumulating all unnecessary junk that costs me time and/or work without adequate ROI (return on investment).”

I started this post with the intention of celebrating my accomplishment, not making a New Year’s resolution. But it seems that somewhere in my subconscious, it was called for! So there it is.


Day 43–Return To Reality December 28, 2009

Time to back away from the buffet table and rein in the repast.

After a week’s diet-song of mainly kolachies, thumb prints, snicker doodles, fudge, truffles, mint and caramel chocolates,  huge hunks of prime roast beast, potatoes (at least four varieties), a delicious hot turkey-cranberry salad encased in wreath-shaped crescent roll dough, eggs, french toast and pancakes, I hear the sound of screeching brakes.

The sound is bittersweet. I looovvvve all those things–and some of them are even quite healthy–but I realize that I’ve WAAAYYY overshot my calorie budget for the week (or is that for the month?).

So here we are, now that I’m home: back into the comfortable, predictable groove of more-healthy eating and more-conscious food choices.

I started today off with cream of wheat, skim milk, OJ, and a slice of whole wheat toast with a light buttering. Now I need to work on jump-starting my exercise routine, and trying out the awesome monitor my kids gave me (When there are grandkids around to have fun with, it’s hard to think about hitting the exercise trail!)

So even though Christmas is wonderful, there’s something equally wonderful about getting back home and in control of my “program,” if you will.

Oh yes, the weight report? Yesterday I weighed in at 194, body fat 31.5% and body water 43%. Ouch. I feel it in my waistband. Now I’m off to the grocery to restock my fruits and veggies! Ta-ta for now…


Day 27—Night-time naughtiness December 12, 2009

Is nighttime noshing your nemesis?

I don’t know about you, but I can make it through the day successfully staying within my eating plan. But come nighttime, all I want to do is eat!

Here are some tried-and-true tips for overcoming twilight treat temptation:

1. Eat a HUGE salad for dinner. The time it takes to eat it—and its fiber—will fill you up. If you need a sweet top-off, indulge in something small like a bite-size chocolate.

2. Popcorn—it’s a great filler-upper! (Hey, lay off the butter!)

3. Brush your teeth as soon as you get the urge to splurge on after-dinner tidbits.

4. Find a distraction. Have you always wanted to try knitting? Scrapbooking? Piano? Activity keeps your mind busy—and off of food.

5. When a snack attack occurs, take time out to exercise. You’ll soon forget about food.

6. Eat—but eat healthy and small-scale.

7. Plan ahead: Leave a calorie buffer to use up at night.

Do you have more tips to share? (Again, that’s what that little comment box is for!) Until tomorrow, stay confident and resolute!


Day 17—Invigoration December 2, 2009

Service is to the soul what exercise is to the body.

I just got home from my needs-to-be-daily walk/run. Let me just say that I’m not a runner at heart. I run simply to boost my cardiovascular workload. I’m always glad when it’s done, and I never look forward to it. So to those of you who run religiously and love it, I admire and applaud you. But I know that I’ll never BE you.

And that’s OK. We all have something that we enjoy doing. If you hate exercise, I’d venture to say you haven’t discovered what it is that you enjoy. So do LOTS of things. Try out whatever strikes your fancy. Maybe there will be one thing that you’ll fall in love with. Or maybe you really like variety, and need a diverse regimen to keep you interested.

Whatever your preference, adopt the Nike motto and Just Do It. ‘Cause we’re all getting older, and our bodies are use-it-or-lose-it machines. If we don’t take care of them, they won’t be there for us when we need them. I want to live vitally. I want to live my latter years ably and independently. I want to play with my grandkids and feel the satisfaction of maintaining my own home.

There’s nothing wrong with accepting help when we need it, but if we can keep from needing it, then that help can go to benefit someone else. And even better, we can be the ones to provide that service to someone else. Because giving service is the greatest uplift and invigorator there is. It is for our souls what exercise is for our bodies.